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The best translation quality, for the cheapest price!

Supported formats*: .txt, .xml, .odt, .ods

* Want more? Tell us which and we'll add them!

The best document translator available

(trust us, we looked at a looooot of them)

Latest Technology.
We use the leading tool (currently GPT-4).
Cheapest Price.
$1 up to 10 pages, then $0.05 per page (a 200-page book would be $10.50!)
135 Languages.
Including Shakespeare and Pirate.
Rapid Translation.
Average of 30s per page (sometimes less!)
Endless Pages.
No document size limits. Good for books!
No Signup Required.
Start translating immediately, and get a download link when done.

Frequently asked questions

What about free translation tools?

It's great that they're free, but you'll find their quality is pretty terrible (as my great grandad used to say, "free isn't free").

How secure are my documents?

We don't store your documents or data; but they are sent to OpenAI for translation (so we recommend reviewing their privacy policy for details on their data handling).

Is the payment secure?

Absolutely! We use Stripe, a leading financial service, to handle transactions without storing any of your card information.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, the services we use to generate translations do not let us ask for refunds, so we cannot offer them in return.

How fast is the translation?

We average 30 seconds per page so... it depends on how many pages you want to translate!